«Followers» in perinatal pharmacology (pp) sind Kolleginnen und Kollegen, die unser Fach vertreten, sich dafür einsetzen (z.B. durch Fortbildungen) oder Forschende, die ein Forschungsprojekt im Gebiet der perinatalen Pharmakologie verfolgen.


„We are a young start-up company, located at Sitem Insel and working in the area of preterm nutrition to address the problem of human milk fortification. Our goal is to deliver the novel device for hospitals (Babylat) and product for preterm nutrition (human milk origin protein fortifier, HMOF, produced on site from donor human milk with our device), helping preterm newborns to grow quicker and safer. The HMOF produced by BABYLAT is made from 100% human milk, which is much safer than currently widely used alternatives from cow milk.“ Zina Yudina, PhD Founder and CEO’s Babylat company

The Swiss MOBA:

Building a mother-baby cohort using Swiss claims data

Project lead: Alice Panchaud and Julia Spoendlin (Collaboration between Univ. Geneva/CHUV and Univ. of Basel)

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